Interrogation of ISIS kingpin Jamal Al Mashadani ‘to be aired on Iraq TV’

Earlier this month it was reported in Kurdish media outlets that Al Mashadani had confessed to multiple crimes

ISIS have adapted into a covert threat despite losing most of their territory in the Middle East
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The Iraqi National Intelligence Service announced that a video interrogation of the high-level terrorist Jamal Al Mashadani, also known as Abu Hamza Al Kurdi, would be released on Friday evening.

Earlier this month it was reported in Kurdish media outlets that Al Mashadani, who held positions within ISIS being Wali (governor) of Kirkuk and North Baghdad and is believed to be close to Abu Bakir Al Baghdad, had confessed to multiple crimes.

Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council said a Baghdad criminal court in Baghdad had secured the admission from “one of the most prominent terrorists” of the terror group.

“The accused is responsible for many of the terrorist operations and was the governor north of Baghdad, being shown in photographs as such in several different ways before he was appointed by the organization as Wali of Kirkuk,” the statement from the council read.

“The most prominent operation carried out by the accused is when he captured 21 officers and soldiers from the Peshmerga forces and photographed them wearing orange suits in iron cages and wheeled them through the city of Mosul,” read the statement, referring to a February 2015 incident believed to have taken place in Hawija, 50km south of Kirkuk.

Kurdistan 24 reported that the court had “[taken] all the measures against him in accordance with the provisions of Article IV / 1 of the anti-terrorism law.”

It is not known what Al Mashadani will discuss in the short video.