Important dates in the life of dictator Hosni Mubarak

Mubarak was born in the Nile Delta village of Kafr Al Musellha on May 4, 1928.

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- May 4, 1928 Born in the Nile Delta village of Kafr Al Museilha

- 1972 Became commander of the air force and Egyptian deputy minister of defence

- 1975 Chosen by the president, Anwar Sadat, to be vice president

- 1981 Sworn in as Egypt's president following Sadat's assassination

- 1995 Survives an assassination attempt while visiting Ethiopia

- 2010 Parliamentary elections are held that opposition parties say are marred by fraud

- 2011 Forced to resign amid huge protests and charged with corruption and lethal force used against protesters

- 2012 Found guilty of failing to prevent bloodshed during uprising, sentenced to life in prison

- 2013 Granted retrial, but remains in prison