Houthi missile attack wounds two in Saudi Arabia

A Yemeni woman and Saudi national were injured in a residential area of Samtah

FILE PHOTO: A photo distributed by the Houthi Military Media Unit shows the launch by Houthi forces of a ballistic missile aimed at Saudi Arabia March 25, 2018. Houthi Military Media Unit/Handout via Reuters/File Photo  ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY.
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A missile attack by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels injured two people in southwestern Saudi Arabia on Friday, according to Saudi officials.

Emergency teams were scrambled to the site of the missile strike, a residential area in Samtah, Col. Yahya Abdullah Al-Qahtani, a Civil Defense spokesman in Jazan, said.

A Saudi national and a Yemeni woman were injured in the attack, according to Arab News.

The Houthi militia has sporadically fired missiles into Saudi territory and has threatened its international airport in Riyadh.

The rebels overran Yemeni population centres in 2014 and the Saudi-led coalition intervened the year after. They remain in control of the capital, Sanaa, and the Red Sea port city Hodeidah.


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Yemen's warring parties suggested on Thursday that they would attend UN-sponsored peace talks expected to be held in Sweden next week as Western countries press for an end to a conflict that has pushed millions to the edge of starvation.

The United Nations is trying to reconvene talks between the Saudi-backed government led by Abdrabu Mansur Hadi and the Iranian-aligned Houthis who control much of the north to agree on a framework for peace.

A previous attempt to hold talks in Geneva in September collapsed when the Houthis failed to show up, accusing their adversaries of obstruction.

Mohammed Ali Al Houthi, head of the Houthis' Supreme Revolutionary Committee, said their delegation would arrive in Sweden on December 3 "if safe exit and return is guaranteed and there are positive indications peace is a priority".

Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV said that Mr Hadi's delegation would arrive after the Houthis.