Armed Houthi followers attend a gathering in support of their movement in Sanaa, Yemen December 19, 2018. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah
Houthi followers stage a show of support in Sanaa on December 19, 2018. Reuters

Government forces report repeated Houthi ceasefire violations in Hodeidah

Houthi rebels fired two missiles at a government-controlled village in Hodeidah on Friday in the latest of repeated violations of a UN-brokered ceasefire in the province, the pro-government forces said.

The attack came hours before the Security Council was to discuss a resolution to authorise UN ceasefire monitors in Hodeidah.

The missiles were fired at Al Nakheela village in the Duraiyhmi district near the port city of Hodeidah but fell short of their target without causing any casualties, the deputy provincial governor Waleed Al Qudaimi told The National.

Mr Al Qudaimi said the Houthis had been trying to provoke government forces into retaliating so that they could accuse them of breaking the ceasefire that went into effect on Tuesday.

On Thursday, several members of the government forces were killed and 16 others were injured in Houthi attacks in the province, according to military sources.

"The Houthi militia pounded sites controlled the Amalikah First Brigade in the mills area east of Hodeidah city with artillery and mortars at noon, killing two soldiers and injuring 10," a military source said.

"The Houthi militia also attacked military sites controlled by the Amalikah Second Brigade in Kilo 16 area east of the city using Katyusha rockets, killing two soldiers and wounding four others," the source said.


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Col Wathah Al Dubaish, an Amalikah Brigades spokesman, said they had formed a special team to log the Houthi ceasefire violations.

"Eighty-nine violations committed by the Houthi militia against our forces and civilians over all the battlefronts in Hodeidah," he told The National on Thursday. "Such violations are monitored and documented precisely."

Colonel Al Dubaish said government forces had not responded to the Houthi attacks and remained committed to the ceasefire, but their patience was about to run out. "Then we will never halt if the UN and the special envoy keep silent about the Houthi violations."

According to Fuad Ali, a member of the Amalikah media centre, the rebels also attacked sites controlled by the Amalikah 12th brigade in Tuhaiyta district on Wednesday night but were repelled after a four-hour battle.