Coronavirus: A quiet day at Saudi Arabia's Grand Mosque in Makkah

Authorities empty Islam's holiest site for disinfection against the coronavirus

Saudi Arabia on Thursday emptied the Grand Mosque in Makkah to disinfect Islam's holiest site for precautions over the coronavirus.

The kingdom halted the pilgrimage for its own citizens and residents on Wednesday, on top of restrictions announced last week on foreign pilgrims to stop the disease from spreading.

State television relayed images of an empty white-tiled areas surrounding the Kaaba which is usually packed with tens of thousands of pilgrims.

A group of cleaners were seen scrubbing and mopping the tiles around the Kaaba.


The Grand Mosque in Makkah and Al Masjid Al Nabawy in Madinah reopened on Friday according to TV Al Ekhbariya.

Riyadh has reported five cases of the coronavirus.