Beyond the Headlines podcast: Is Iraq prepared for an ISIS resurgence?

In this week's episode, we look at how safe Iraq actually is from the terrorist group that until recently occupied much of the country.

In Fallujah, where four years ago ISIS first gained significant ground in Iraq, life tentatively goes on. But though the territorial rule of ISIS has for now been erased in Iraq, the group still shows signs of life. And Baghdad seems to be doing little to address this concern.

In this week's Beyond the Headlines, we look at how safe a country in political flux actually is from a potential ISIS resurgence.

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Sofia Barbarani reports from Fallujah and talks to those affected by four years of ISIS occupation, including date farmers whose lands and livelihood were ravaged by the terrorist group.

Also, host Mina Al Droubi talks to Dr Renad Mansour, a research fellow for Middle East and North Africa at Chatham House, who is not convinced by Iraq's politically-motivated claims of victory.


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