Indian chef sets world record for cooking 53 hours straight — video

A chef in India’s western Nagpur city cooked for 53 hours straight Sunday to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest stretch of cooking.

Vishnu Manohar started cooking on Friday morning and broke the previous record of 40 hours set by an American chef, Benjamin Perry, in March 2014.

A huge crowd of supporters gathered at the venue to cheer Manohar, a celebrity chef.

Manohar prepared a total of over 750 dishes, using eight stoves at a time with 15 assistants.

According to the Guinness World Record rules, he was allowed a break of five minutes after every two successive hours of cooking.

Manohar started preparing for the event a month ago, cooking non-stop for 45 hours three times. Among other preparations, Manohar’s nutritionist put him on a protein diet to maintain high energy levels.

* Reuters

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