WATCH: Sightline with Tim Marshall on Europe's migrant crisis

Our London correspondent comments on how a politically evolving Europe is handling an ongoing crisis

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As Europe's political landscape undergoes a contentious evolution, caught in the crosshairs are a continually steady number of asylum-seeking migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Italy's recent refusal to welcome hundreds of migrants aboard the vessel Aquarius — later rescued by Spain and France — caused a rift between the newly populist government and Europe's standards of human rights, such as Germany and France.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel no longer seems to be the European standard-bearer she once was, as Germany is like many European nations seeing a growing number of right-wing, anti-migration populists gaining foothold in government. New Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is one of many who have gained political foothold in Europe with an anti-migrant message.

Tim Marshall, from The National's London bureau, comments on the migrant crisis facing an ever-changing Europe in his latest Sightline video. Watch above.


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