Saudi crown prince inspects fragments of the world’s oldest Quran in London - in pictures

The Birmingham Quran, thought to be from the time of the Prophet Mohammed, is on display at Lambeth Palace in London

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The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, got a glimpse of what is thought to be fragments of the world's oldest Quran during his official visit to the UK.

Roadiocarbon dating of the Birmingham Quran revealed it originated in the period of 568-645 - around the same time as the Prophet Mohammed.

The text contains the words from Surah Al-Kahf, Surah Maryam and Surah Ta-Ha, chapters 18-20 of the Quran.

The Saudi crown prince was joined by the UK's Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the spiritual leader of the Church of England, at Lambeth Palace where the treasured text is housed.

An interactive version of the Birmingham Quran was displayed in the UAE last year.

The Saudi crown price is on a three-day visit to the UK where he is promoting ties between London and Riyadh.

World's 'oldest' knows Quran discovered in Birmingham - video

World's 'oldest' knows Quran discovered in Birmingham - video


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