Russia's blue and green dogs go viral

Two packs of mysteriously coloured canines caused a stir on social media after they were discovered in two separate locations

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Two packs of stray dogs with bright blue and green fur have been found in a separate pair of derelict industrial units hundreds of kilometres apart in Russia.

The animals are being examined by vets, who are trying to discover the cause of the discolouration.

While no firm conclusion has yet been reached, there is speculation that the dogs with blue fur had rolled around in powdered dye at a derelict plant in Dzerzhinsk, an industrial city near Nizhny Novgorod, which had been producing acrylic glass and prussic acid. They were found on February 13.

Similarly, their green counterparts were found roaming around an abandoned warehouse where sacks of powdered green paint had apparently been stored, in Podolsk, more than 400km away, on Thursday.

Photos of the animals have gone viral, sparking some to suggest the green dogs, discovered later, had been painted by pranksters to mimic their blue counterparts.