Jose Mourinho trends globally after Manchester United dismissal

Reaction was prolific all around the world as sports analysts, fans and food companies reacted

Sports analysts, fans, and even Pizza Hut had something to say about Mourinho's dismissal 
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Manchester United’s sacking of manager Jose Mourinho created enough buzz to secure three spots near the top of global Twitter trends just hours after his dismissal was announced.

Well over one million tweets were dedicated to Mourinho’s ouster.

Mourinho, Manchester United, and Jose were all listed as some of the most tweeted items in the world.

Even one of the world’s largest pizza chains, Pizza Hut, felt the need to try and take advantage of the attention Mourinho’s dismissal received. Its tweet amassed over 27,000 retweets.

Some had fun with Pizza Hut’s choice to weigh in on Mourinho’s dismissal.

Another joked that they could not make a "four seasons" pizza successfully, in reference to Mourinho's history of only serving three years maximum at the clubs he has managed before being moved on.

Others, however, found Pizza Hut’s attempt at humour to be ill-conceived, and decided to criticise the company in return