Grizzly commuter: bear fails to catch a ride at Turkish tram station under lockdown

The bear is one case of many where wildlife enters human spaces during lockdown

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A brown bear has paid a visit to a sky tram station in Turkey's Bursa province while humans were under under lockdown because of coronavirus.

Footage taken on Saturday showed the bear inside the station as he searched for food, sniffing hopefully around a vending machine.

A security worker filmed the bear while hiding behind his desk and a glass screen.

Turkey is not the only nation to witness wildlife returning to populated areas.

Hundreds of monkeys have taken over the streets around India's presidential palace in New Delhi, and in the financial capital, Mumbai, peacocks were seen perched on top of parked cars, displaying their spectacular trains.

In north Wales, a herd of goats romped around the town of Llandudno as residents stuck to lockdown rules. Photos and video showed the creatures munching on foliage in gardens and hotel carparks.