German woman claimed to have kept Yazidi child as slave is on trial for ISIS membership

She was the wife of ISIS fighter Denis Cuspert, a rapper known as ‘Deso Dogg’

HAMBURG, GERMANY - MAY 04: Omaima A, the widow of high-ranking Islamic State member Denis Cuspert, arrives for the first day of her trial on May 4, 2020 in Hamburg, Germany. Cuspert was a German rapper with the alias of Deso Dogg. He joined the Islamic State and moved to Syria with Omaima and their three children before he was killed in a rocket attack in 2018. Prosecutors are charging Omaima with membership in a foreign terrorist organization as well as human trafficking for maintaining a 13-year old Yesidi girl as a slave. (Photo by Chris Emil Janssen -Pool/Getty Images)
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A woman who married a German rapper-turned-ISIS fighter and who allegedly kept a Yazidi child slave in Syria went on trial in Germany on Monday.

Known only as Omaima A, 35, the German-Tunisian woman is accused of membership of a foreign terror group, human trafficking and crimes against humanity.

She travelled to ISIS-held territory in Syria in early 2015 with her three children to join their father and her first husband, a man identified  as Nadar.

After he was killed she married German-Ghanaian ISIS member Denis Cuspert, formerly a rapper known as Deso Dogg.

Cuspert was killed in early 2018 while fighting for the terror group as its territory in Iraq and Syria dwindled.

Prosecutors say Omaima held a 13-year-old Yazidi girl as a slave between spring and summer of 2015, raised her children under ISIS rules and received financial support from the terrorist  organisation.

Cuspert was one of the most notorious western fighters for ISIS, having appeared in several propaganda videos including one that showed him with a man's severed head.

After becoming pregnant to Cusper, Omaima left him and quietly returned to Germany in 2016 with her three other children.

There she is believed to have worked as an interpreter.

When it was reported that she was living freely in Germany, there was outrage over why she had not faced prosecution.

She was arrested in Hamburg last September.