British politician John Bercow becomes a meme following Brexit debates

The speaker's unique style is gaining attention far from British shores

epa07287721 A handout video-grabbed still image from a video made available by UK parliament's parliamentary recording unit showing parliament speaker John Bercow shouting orders after the Brexit vote at the parliament late 15 January 2019, London, United Kingdom, on whether to support or reject Prime Minister Theresa May's deal of UK leaving the European Union. A great majority of MPs voted against Prime Minister Theresa May's deal of UK leaving the European Union. The legally-binding Withdrawal Agreement sets up a 'transition or implementation period' that runs until the end of 2020 after Brexit. The United Kingdom, that on 01 January 1973 joined EEC or European Communities, predecessor of European Union, has been a EU member state for 46 years.  EPA/PARLIAMENTARY RECORDING UNIT HANDOUT MANDATORY CREDIT: PARLIAMENTARY RECORDING UNIT HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES
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Speakers of the House of Commons have rarely hit the headlines in the past, but John Bercow’s combination of pomp and Conservative party accusations of his sympathy for the opposition has thrust him into the spotlight.

As Britain draws nearer to Brexit and Theresa May lost a crucial vote on her withdrawal agreement this week, videos of how Mr Bercow conducts business in the House of Commons are catching international attention. He has served as speaker for almost 10 years, so Brits are used to his unusual style.

Clips of the MP for Buckingham calling fellow MPs to “order” in the chamber have reached outside of the UK, turning the 55-year-old into his very own meme. US and Canadian news services in particular seem interested in Mr Bercow’s unusual delivery of the English language, sharing videos on their Twitter feeds of him in action.

From getting food delivered to memes more musical in nature, the speaker is getting an internet makeover.

Though most of the internet's creativity focused on the speaker's call to order, some noted his abilities in other areas.

As Brexit threatens to overwhelm even the cheeriest of people with uncertainty, at least the world can still find the humour in small things.


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