Olena Zelenska: Ukrainians face 'mortal danger' without more western aid

US support in jeopardy as Republicans link Ukraine assistance to border security demands

Ukraine's first lady Olena Zelenska spoke of her alarm as the West's support for Ukraine's military wanes. AFP
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Ukrainians face “mortal danger” if the West withdraws financial support for the resistance against Russian forces, Ukraine's first lady Olena Zelenska said.

Ms Zelenska expressed her concerns about the consequences if support wanes, emphasising the critical state of the situation in Ukraine.

“We really need the help. In simple words, we cannot get tired of this situation, because if we do, we die,” she said in an interview with the BBC.

“And if the world gets tired, they will simply let us die,”

Ms Zelenska's remarks come at a time when the UK is urging US Republicans to agree to send further aid to Kyiv.

In a recent diplomatic visit to America, Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron stressed the importance of this support, suggesting that any hindrance would serve as a “Christmas present” for the Russian armed forces in Ukraine and the government in Moscow.

The urgency of these discussions is underscored by the recent refusal of a bill in the Congress, which was intended to more financial assistance to Ukraine's military efforts.

This month, the State Department said it had sent more than $91 billion in military aid to Ukrainian administrations since 2014.

Republicans double down on their demands for border security

The deadlock over US assistance to Ukraine is deepening in Congress, creating a worrying scenario for President Joe Biden.

The Republican insistence on linking the funding with changes to America's immigration and border policies is complicating negotiations.

The White House has warned of the severe implications of failing to approve more aid by the year's end, which could affect Ukraine's ability to continue its resistance.

The political situation in the US is complicated by the historic number of migrants arriving at the southern border, prompting Republicans to propose stringent measures for controlling illegal crossings.

Updated: December 09, 2023, 12:18 PM