Andrew Tate has Romanian jail detention replaced by house arrest

Trafficking probe against controversial influencer and the other suspects continues, said court officials.

Andrew Tate, right, along with his brother Tristan, escorted by police to a Bucharest court. Reuters
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Influencer Andrew Tate, who was detained in early March on suspicion of trafficking, has had his jail detention replaced with house arrest by a Romanian court.

Mr Tate, who is known for his controversial and divisive online persona, was arrested alongside two others on allegations of trafficking two women from Romania to the UK for sexual exploitation.

He has denied the accusations, claiming that the women were willingly working in the adult entertainment industry.

Despite the change to his detention, the trafficking probe against Mr Tate and the other suspects continues, said officials.

Mr Tate has previously been involved in other controversies, including being banned from Twitter and YouTube for breaching their policies on hate speech.

He has also faced criticism for his comments on topics such as mental health and feminism.

The case against Mr Tate has garnered attention in Romania and the UK, with some supporters of the influencer claiming that he is being unfairly targeted.

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Updated: March 31, 2023, 7:34 PM