Biden-Harris victory speeches take on a unique and impressive atmosphere

Music, cars and drones made for an interesting debut for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

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The sights and sounds from President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President elect Kamala Harris’s victory speeches will likely go down in history as being both surreal and charming.

Because of Covid-19, everyone was wearing masks – something that will likely look curious several years from now when people see archival footage, but that’s not the only unique aspect of the victory speeches that made for interesting visuals.

The outdoor celebration venue near the Chase Center in Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, wasn’t huge, but it was large enough for vehicles full of Biden supporters – again due to Covid-19.

Highlights as President-elect Biden makes first speech

Highlights as President-elect Biden makes first speech

The cars and trucks made for something that appeared to be a cross between a county fair and a concert, but the overall visuals looked cozy and genuine, unlike the stilted acceptance speech look and feel politicians have perfected over the years.

In terms of sheer size, this clearly wasn't as large as the crowd that awaited Barack Obama's 2008 acceptance speech in Chicago's Grant Park, but it didn't need to be. There was enough going on to keep things interesting.

Some supporters sat on the tops of their vehicles, while others stood nearby waving flags to welcome Mr Biden, and the cheers from the crowd were definitely audible despite lacking in size of similar victory speeches. Various camera shots showed some attendees with dogs in vehicles as well.

Vice President-elect Harris was the first to speak, and Twitter users took notice of the seasoned politician walking briskly to the podium to the tune of Mary J Blige’s ‘Work that’.

Ms Harris gave a succinct speech, and introduced President-elect Biden, who walked out to a song frequently used by his former boss, Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen’s ‘We take care of our own’.

Shortly after Biden’s speech, songs played in seemingly rapid fire succession. Tom Petty, Jackie Wilson, Tina Turner, Hall & Oats, Coldplay, Whitney Houston and others were all part of the rotation, an eclectic mix that left something for everyone.

Prior to Mr Biden and Ms Harris’s arrival, the crowd gained in enthusiasm as the motorcade made its way to the speech venue, creating a homecoming-like atmosphere for Biden, who has twice previously run for president, only to come up short.

The crowd seemed to realize and respect the methodical nature of Mr Biden’s accomplishment, and honks from the car horns helped to add another quirky and memorable element to the proceedings.

Mr Biden, 77, still managed to run to the podium when Ms Harris introduced him, and the crowd roared with approval.

There were the usual fireworks after both speeches, but in an added twist, they were complimented from LED equipped drones that spelled out “President Elect” as well as a map of the United States. The crowd went wild at the sight.

Adding to the plethora of visuals were projected videos of supporters watching remotely. Those supporters were impressively projected throughout the venue and onto nearby buildings, making for a memorable sight.

President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden wave on stage Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (Tasos Katopodis/Pool via AP)
President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden wave on stage Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020. Pool via AP

Perhaps the only traditional part of this particular acceptance speech came at the very end, when the families of Mr Biden and Ms Harris appeared on stage to thank the crowd and embrace the future leaders of the United States. Even this moment, proved more charming than usual, with members of both families dancing to the music.

Mr Biden was joined by his wife, Jill Biden, his son Hunter, daughter Ashley, as well as many of his grandchildren. Ms Harris was joined by her husband, Doug Emhoff, her sister, Maya, and various family members as well.