Worker cries over supervisor's dying body after stabbing him

The man had allegedly been forced to have sex with the deceased for almost a year, a Dubai court heard

A worker who cried over the dying body of his supervisor after stabbing him to death told a Dubai court that he had been forced to have sex with the deceased for almost a year.

Dubai Criminal Court was told that at 11pm on September 15 this year, a police patrol spotted a crowd in Al Quoz Industrial area and stopped to investigate.

“Some of the men started running away and as I arrived at their original location, I saw the victim lying on the ground in pain and the defendant in bloodied clothes. He panicked when he saw me and tried to run away,” a police officer, 57, said in his tesitimony.

He said the defendant did not get far before he managed to catch him and take him to the patrol car.

“He was terrified. I handed him to my colleague to keep in the patrol [vehicle], then returned to the victim after calling for an ambulance,” said the officer.

The officer also said the victim, whose nationality was not disclosed in records, was still alive when the ambulance picked him up, but he died before reaching the hospital.

Officers spotted a trail of blood and followed it for about ten metres to find the knife used in the stabbing, discarded between parked buses.

“The victim, after being stabbed, walked away from his attacker and for about ten metres towards a cement barrier before he collapsed,” said the policeman, adding that he had questioned the accused, asking him who the killer was. The worker then pointed at himself.

“He admitted in front of my other colleagues that he bought the knife from a nearby supermarket after the victim called him and ordered him to come so he could have sex with him.

"He added that the victim had allegedly forced him to have sex with him since he had arrived to work under his supervision a year ago. He threatened to have him fired and deported if he refused or told anyone about the matter,” said the policeman.

During interrogations by the prosecution, the defendant said that on the night of the murder, the victim called him and asked him to come to have sex with him, but he didn't want to. He felt humiliated and angry so he stepped into a supermarket he was passing and bought a knife.

The worker said that when he met his supervisor, the deceased slapped him hard and told him that he can have him wherever and whenever he wanted, which infuriated him so he took out the knife and stabbed him four times in the abdomen and chest.

When the man fell down, bleeding heavily, the defendant sat next to him. He began to cry and apologise to the victim, records show.

The 22-year-old Pakistani defendant denied a premeditated murder charge in court this morning and told judges that he was defending himself.

The next hearing will be on December 31 and will appoint a defence lawyer for the accused.

Updated: December 12, 2017 01:09 PM


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