Woman threw herself from speeding car after refusing driver’s advances, Abu Dhabi court hears

A Chinese woman claims she threw herself from the vehicle after rejecting the advances of the Emirati driver.

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ABU DHABI //‎A woman threw herself from a speeding car after refusing the driver’s advances, the Criminal Court heard on Wednesday.

The woman, from China, accused 25-year-old Emirati, M R, of kidnapping her.

The defendant denied charges of “beautifying the sin” and attempting to have sex with her.

The court heard that when she refused, M R tried to woo her by offering her money.

She turned him down and jumped out of the car, which was travelling at 100 kilometres per hour, injuring herself in the process, prosecutors said.

The defendant told the court the woman demanded money from him after he offered her a lift.

“I was driving and saw her standing on the street. She hitched a ride with me and asked me to drop her at the bus station,” he said.

He told the court that once the car started moving, she threatened to throw herself out if he did not hand over Dh2,000.

“I told her I don’t have that money. I will stop on the side after the traffic light and let you down.”

“Then I told her close the door, the police is behind us,” he said.

“When she heard the word ‘police’, she thought I was from the police so she dropped herself out of the car.”

The court asked why he did not stop to check on her.

“I did. When I saw she was OK, I left,” he said.

The first time the case went to court, the defendant had been sentenced in absentia to three years in jail. After he asked for a retrial he was detained.

He asked the court to speed up the case because his final exams are approaching and he had a new job at a gas company.

The verdict will be announced on November 24.