Woman lost eye in attack, Dubai court told

A teacher was blinded in her left eye after a restaurant brawl, hears the court.

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Dubai // An engineer assaulted an American teacher with a bottle and cost her the sight in her left eye, a court heard yesterday.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that the Palestinian defendant WA, 36 was with his family member KA, 32, and KA's brothers celebrating the birth of a child. The men met at the Barasti restaurantat the Meridian hotel on September 21 last year.

KA said that he was walking into the restaurant with the defendant when WA went to bring a drink, and left him at a table.

"A woman came and took his seat, I felt embarrassed to tell her to get off the seat," said KA.

KA said he was then called by his brothers, who told him they wanted to leave, and he did not see the incident. "I heard a scream, and when I turned back I saw the woman covering her left eye with her hand and a lot of blood coming from it," he said.

He added that a security guard, ES, who restrained WA, was approached by one of his brothers. "The security guard assaulted my brother," said KA.

WA denied a charge of assaulting PN and leaving her with a 35 per cent permanent disability in her left eye. ES also denied a similar charge because he caused KA a 5 per cent permanent disability in his left cheek after he broke it.

The teacher and KA's brothers have been referred to the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours. The next hearing will be on September 15.