Woman accused of forging car registration blames husband

Defendant says she was the victim of 'conspiracy' led by estranged partner

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A woman accused of forging the online registration of a car to make herself the legal owner says she was the victim of a 'conspiracy' led by her husband.

Dubai Criminal Court was told the Indian defendant had logged onto the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website and changed the name of the vehicle's owner to her own in August of last year.

The court heard that the 38-year-old had agreed to register the car in the name of a Pakistani man after she had been unable to pay back the money he had loaned her to purchase it.

“When she bought the car, I gave her Dh19,000 to pay for it. Then when she couldn’t repay me, she registered the car in my name as a guarantee until she repaid me the entire amount,” said the driver, 45.

An RTA employee had stated in court records that the woman had used a public e-service requiring a username and password to access the registration details, but it was not disclosed how she got hold of the log-in information.


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The woman was arrested on December 25 and allegedly admitted to charges during questioning.

In court, however, she denied forgery and using forged documents, insisting she was set up by her husband after marital difficulties.

“The car belongs to me and this case is the result of a conspiracy between my husband and the driver," she said.

“After my husband and I faced marital problems and separated, he came up with this and teamed up with the driver to frame me.”

A verdict is expected on September 23.