Video of horrific crash shared on social media draws 24,000 to Abu Dhabi police road safety campaign

More than 24,000 people interacted with Abu Dhabi police's traffic safety campaign 'Share your comment' after video of a horrific crash resulting from a driver jumping a red light was shared on social media. 
On its official Twitter Account - ADPoliceHQ - the force said that it will continue to share videos of traffic violations as part of the campaign. The video, part of its first online post, attracted 24,800 followers.

The 24-second clip posted last June 18 showed a reckless driver of an SUV running the red light signal to take a left turn when his vehicle crashed into another car causing great damage to both vehicles. 
The video did not detail if any injuries resulted from the collision nor did it state when it happened. 
The campaign aims to urge motorists to drive more carefully, analyse the reasons behind each accident that will be shared in a clip on the force's Twitter account and share their views on how it can be avoided.