UAE weather: heavy rain forecast this Friday

Low visibility continued across parts of the Emirates on Sunday

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Heavy rainfall is expected across parts of the UAE on Thursday evening and into Friday.

The poor weather will coincide with strengthening winds and a drop in temperature to lows of around 17C.

This time of year in the Emirates usually sees more varied weather patterns, including thunderstorms and flash flooding, particularly in the north of the country.

On Sunday, visibility was severely reduced as a blanket of fog and dust descended across parts of the Abu Dhabi.

Residents were warned by authorities to be on alert for sand storms while rough seas were also predicted. The alert is set to remain in place until 4pm on Sunday.

In the capital, fog descended over the city by late morning, continuing a pattern of poor visibility in recent days.

Forecasters have issued regular fog warnings and urged motorists to take extra care on the roads.

Last week, the speed limit was reduced on Sheikh Zayed Road due to dense fog, with visibility at 100 metres in some areas.

Forecasters predicted a cloudy day on Sunday with the risk of rain.

Temperatures are due to reach up to 28°C in coastal areas and 31°C inland, although drastic dip is expected on Monday.

Dust storms are expected to continue throughout the early part of the week, with winds reaching 40 kilometres per hour over land and 55kph over sea.

Humidity is likely to increase during Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in some internal areas, meaning there is a chance of fog or mist formation, forecasters said.

Wind speed is likely to reduce from Tuesday.