UAE traffic: accident causing long tailbacks on Sheikh Zayed Road

Most roads running clear of heavy traffic in Dubai and Sharjah

An accident is causing long tailbacks on Sheikh Zayed Road this morning.

Police and fire crews are at the scene of the accident involving a Mitsubishi Pajero on the E11, heading in the direction of Dubai near Dubai Parks and Resorts. Drivers reported tailbacks.

Elsewhere in the UAE, a minor collision on the Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street bridge exiting the E22 towards Abu Dhabi is causing short delays for motorists on Wednesday morning.

The E10 near the junction for 19th Street is also experiencing a build-up of rush hour traffic in the capital.

Traffic is also building in the usual congestion points around Downtown Dubai but most link roads remain clear of heavy traffic.

The E311 towards Sharjah near Dubai International Airport is experiencing heavy traffic, with motorists likely to experience slight increase in journey times.