UAE jobseekers who exaggerate CVs face three-year jail sentence

Leading lawyer warns of dire consequences for embellishing CVs with false information

Hassan Elhais has warned of serious consequences for embellishing CVs
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People who include false information in their CVs could be looking at jail sentences of up to three years, according to a leading lawyer.

Dubai-based Hassan Elhais said that it is not only immoral for people to embellish their CVs, but they also run a serious risk of facing criminal prosecution and being deported.

He was speaking in the wake of a feature, by The National, which revealed that some employers have been turning to private investigators to do background checks on jobseekers.

Some companies said exaggerating skills on CVs was common but to falsify information entirely would result in an offer being withdrawn as the candidate would have shown that they are not trustworthy.

“It is absolutely illegal and if you are prosecuted you could face jail and deportation,” said Mr Elhais.

“If you are referred for criminal prosecution then you will face anything from a fine to being jailed and deportation.”

Mr Elhais said that if a jobseeker claims to possess a degree, which they do not, then that will be classified as a clear case of fraud – something that could have dire consequences.

“It would be seen as very serious and a clear case of fraud under article 399 of UAE Law. You would face a jail term of up to three years after which, of course, you would also be deported,” he said.

“This is viewed as an extremely serious crime to commit.”


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