Two men kidnapped and raped 12-year-old boy, hears Dubai court

Two men kidnapped and raped a 12-year-old boy before threatening to kill his parents and burn down his house if he told anyone what happened, hears Dubai court.

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DUBAI // Two men kidnapped and raped a 12-year-old boy then threatened to kill his parents and burn down his house if he reported them, a court heard.

They grabbed the boy, who had been sent by his mother to get groceries, then took him to a villa and whipped him with electrical cord and shot him with a stun gun before drugging him and taking turns to rape him, prosecutors told the Criminal Court.

The boy’s mother became worried when he did not return and told his father to go looking for him.

“I went with my other children and one of them saw my boy’s bicycle at the entrance of a villa in the same neighbourhood,” recalled the father.

They knocked on the door and SA, 18, an Emirati, answered. He told them the boy had accompanied another Emirati BJ, 46, to the grocery store.

Later that day the father spotted his son driving a car with the Emirati next to him.

“When they stopped I asked the Emirati why he was allowing the child to drive and he claimed my son had asked him for lessons.

“As I drew near I noticed a strong smell of alcohol and realised the Emirati was drunk.”

Police arrested the driver and learnt of the boy’s ordeal.

Prosecutors said the attack occurred on December 14 last year. They charged the two Emiratis with kidnap, rape, assault and issuing threats to kill. BJ was also charged with consuming alcohol without a licence.

Neither was present at the Criminal Court to enter a plea.

The case was adjourned to December 18.