The six-seater electric aircraft set to make traffic jams a thing of the past

The futuristic Y6S Plus aims to slash cross-city journey times for commuters

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A new six-passenger electric aircraft, which could spell the end of frustrating traffic jams, is set to take flight by 2023.

UK firm Autonomous Flight is behind the futuristic mode of transport, known as the Y6S Plus, which will allow people to make cross-city journeys in minutes.

The company boasts the Y6S Plus can make the 24-kilometre journey from London Heathrow to Battersea Heliport in under 12 minutes, a trip that usually takes about 40 minutes by road.

A trip from Lower Manhattan to JFK Airport would only take eight minutes, claims the Autonomous Flight website. To take the 26-km trip by car takes about 22 minutes according to Google Maps.

Despite the company's name, it is envisaged that the sleek aircraft will initially be piloted.

The Y6S Plus has a cruising speed of 125 kilometres per hour and a range of 129km.

No runway will be required for the aircraft, which is classified as an electric vertical takeoff and landing (evtol) aircraft. This means it can take off and land like a helicopter.

Morgan Stanley estimates the evtol market to be $1.5 trillion by 2040.