Swab test must be taken six days after entering Abu Dhabi

A negative PCR or laser test is needed to enter the capital but the second test should be a swab

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Abu Dhabi residents returning to the emirate via Dubai must present a negative Covid-19 test and then take another swab test on the sixth day to ensure they are free of the coronavirus.

The authorities in the capital issued a reminder about the rules governing entry to Abu Dhabi.

The emirate first introduced mandatory Covid-19 testing for people entering through Dubai at the end of June.

Since then the rules have since changed a few times, but under current regulations, entry to Abu Dhabi is permitted with a negative polymerase chain reaction swab or laser test, within 48 hours of receiving the result.

Only those who test negative are allowed to enter.

But anyone who enters and then remains in the emirate must take a PCR test on the sixth day.

The laser-based DPI technology (diffractive phase interferometry) uses blood samples to detect the virus.

It is the first step to identify suspected cases before they undergo a PCR swab test.

The rule applies to all UAE residents, including people who live in Abu Dhabi and left for a short trip.

“Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic urges those travelling into #AbuDhabi emirate to adhere to the precautionary measures, including a mandatory PCR test on day 6, in order to protect the community’s safety,” the Abu Dhabi Media Office tweeted.

“Rule applies to all UAE residents, including returning Abu Dhabi residents.”

Anyone who fails to comply with the rule will be liable to “fines and legal proceedings,” the notice read.

Volunteers taking part in the Covid-19 vaccine trial being run in Abu Dhabi are exempt from the measures.

They are authorised to use emergency vehicle lanes when entering the capital.