Report reckless drivers in Abu Dhabi with CityGuard app

Residents have been asked to send reports about traffic violations to the Traffic and Patrols directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police via the CityGuard app.

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ABU DHABI // Drivers who speed, tailgate or drive dangerously can now be reported to traffic police using the free CityGuard mobile application.

Hussein Al Harithi, director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, said authorities would maintain confidentiality and take appropriate measures after checking the validity of all reports.

He urged residents to report offences such as show-off stunts, overtaking on the hard shoulder and jumping red lights. They should provide the plate number and type of vehicle, location and time of the offence.

Receiving traffic reports through the CityGuard app was part of the Abu Dhabi government’s aim to encourage public participation in reporting various issues including traffic offences, he said. “This allows speed of communication and makes better use of this electronic application to provide a better and safer traffic environment.”

Calling on drivers to abide by traffic laws and avoid offences that could lead to accidents and casualties, Brig Al Harithi asked drivers to observe laws enacted for their safety.

The CityGuard app can be downloaded free from the Abu Dhabi e-government portal,

Residents can report incidents by taking a photo, video or audio clip and use an embedded interactive map to identify the location.

The app automatically creates a case with the government contact centre, which assigns it to the appropriate government department.