Red light violations drop by more than half in Sharjah, police say

There was a 53 per cent drop in such incidents in the past three months compared to the same time last year

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The number of people caught jumping red lights in Sharjah has declined remarkably in the past three months, police have said. 
According to an official, there was a 53 per cent drop in such incidents, with 5,435 violations recorded in the past three months compared to 11,616 in the same period last year.
Major Abdul Rahman Khatir, director of traffic awareness at Sharjah Police, said that the decline is a result of police efforts at improving traffic safety on the roads through awareness campaigns and also drivers being more safety conscious.

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Jumping a red light is one of the most serious traffic offences, he said, and one that often results in death or grave injuries, as motorists speed up trying to cross junctions before the signal turns red.
According to the updated Federal Traffic Law that came into effect in July, a driver who jumps a red light is fined Dh1,000, is given 12 black points and their vehicle is impounded for 30 days.
Major Khatir called on motorists to abide by traffic rules, avoid speeding or using their mobile phones while driving and to remain alert at all times on the road.