Passenger dies on Emirates flight from Dubai to Boston

US state police say the Worcester resident suffered a cardiac arrest

Emirates have confirmed a passenger died on board a Boston-bound flight on Friday. AFP
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A passenger died on board an Emirates flight from Dubai to Boston, probably due to a cardiac arrest despite attempts by the cabin crew to revive him.

The 59-year-old man collapsed while travelling on EK237 on Friday.

“After consulting doctors via Emirates’ Medlink system, our cabin crew administered CPR to the passenger,” said an Emirates spokeswoman about resuscitation efforts by the staff.

“However the passenger was unresponsive and sadly, passed away.”

The Massachusetts State Police said their investigation into the cause and manner of the passenger's death remained open until the autopsy results.

Police were informed at 12.30pm on Friday that a Worcester resident was in cardiac arrest on an Emirates flight.

The passenger, who was ill, was pronounced dead by the Boston emergency medical services, the police said in a statement.

The man had travelled from Boston to Chennai, India on March 4 and had a short layover in Dubai before his return flight to the US.

“The male had been sick with gastrointestinal problems for several days prior to and including the day of his death,” the police said.

“According to his next-of-kin, the male did not have any pre-existing medical conditions.”

The body would be tested for Covid-19 as part of the post-mortem examination by the chief medical examiner’s office due to the passenger’s international travel.

There were 322 passengers and 18 crew aboard the Boeing 777 as per the flight manifest, police said.