Paid parking to start in Al Ain from August

he Mawaqif installation is part of efforts to resolve the city's parking problem, the Integrated Transport Centre said.

Work on painting parking spots and installing Mawaqif parking metres will be finished in time for their use in August. Philip Cheung / The National
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Motorists in Al Ain will have to pay for parking starting August 1, the Integrated Transport Centre announced on Sunday.

The Mawaqif installation is part of efforts to resolve the city's parking problem, which is due to due to the growing population and significant increase in the number of registered vehicles, the centre said.

Mohammed Hamad Al Muhairi, deputy general Manager of the Integrated Transport Centre and head of Traffic and Parking Team, said the Mawaqif paid-parking scheme would help ease the shortage of parking spaces in some of Al Ain’s congested areas. It would also help stop the misuse of limited parking spots and improve the overall aesthetic appearance of Al Ain city, he said.

Work has begun on painting Mawaqif parking spots and installing paid parking meters.

At present 121 parking machines have been installed at certain Al Ain districts for the first phase of the implementation. The scheme will be introduced in the following districts in the city centre: 1,376 in A Qasedah, 1,175 in Al Rabenah, 1,107 in Al Nawas, 1,166 in Al Hamirah and 867 in Al Salamah districts.

To apply for a resident parking permit, residents must submit a passport copy with a valid residency visa, tenancy contract, last utility bill and proof of vehicle ownership.

Homeowners, tenants and their families are all eligible for the virtual permits.

Residents will be allowed two annual parking permits per household which cost Dh800 for the first car and Dh1,200 for a second one.

Each permit is specific to the vehicle and the sector in which it will be parked.