New cameras in Dubai to fine motorists Dh800 for using phone while driving

The radars will also catch motorists who fail to wear seat belts and those who deviate suddenly from their lanes

DUBAI .April 24th. Traffic jam on the Sheikh Zayed road in Dubai, thursday 24th April. Stephen Lock  /  The National. *** Local Caption *** SL-traffic-002.jpg
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Dubai Police have installed smart cameras across the city to detect motorists who use mobile phones while driving.

Offenders will be fined Dh800 and will earn four black points on their licence.

The new cameras will also catch motorists who fail to wear seat belts and deviate suddenly from their lanes.

Those who do not change lanes properly will be fined Dh1,000 and will get four black points.

Drivers who do not wear seat belts and fail to ask passengers to do the same will have to pay Dh400 and will get four penalty points.

"The device detects offences committed by reckless drivers"

Brig Saif Al Mazroui, Director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said the new sensors will help make roads safer by detecting motorists who do not obey rules.

“The device detects offences committed by reckless drivers including the use of handheld mobile phones, failure to abide by lane discipline, not fastening the seat belt, sudden deviation and other traffic violations that pose danger to road users,” he said.

“The new device, developed by Dubai Police in collaboration with a tech company, underwent several experiments until it proved worthy.”

On March 2, a new smart system was installed at zebra crossings in Dubai that will detect motorists who fail to give way to pedestrians.

The gadget uses a red light that warns drivers to stop and give priority to pedestrians.

Drivers who fail to give way to those crossing the road will be fined Dh500 and six black points will be put on their driving licence.

Pedestrians who flout traffic signals and cross the road at undesignated zones will be fined Dh400 for jaywalking.

In January, Abu Dhabi also activated cameras that can detect tailgating.

Drivers who do not leave a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them are sent a text message warning them that they will be fined the next time they tailgate.

If caught again by the smart system, motorists are given a Dh400 fine and earn four black points on their licence.

This penalty can go up to Dh1,000 for motorists who do not give way to emergency vehicles, ambulances and police convoys.