More than 400 abandoned vehicles seized in Sharjah crackdown

Police have teamed up with municipality officials to clean up the emirate and drive down crime

More than 400 abandoned cars have been seized by authorities in Sharjah. Courtesy: Sharjah Police
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Hundreds of abandoned vehicles were seized in the first week of a major crackdown launched in Sharjah.

Police joined forces with Sharjah Municipality to tow away 419 vehicles proving a blight to the image of the emirate and an "easy target" for criminals.

Police said four vehicles wanted for "security reasons" were snared during the operation.

“Leaving cars abandoned like this makes them easy targets for thefts, whether by stealing the car itself or stealing some spare parts or items from inside it,” said Lt Col Hamad Abdullah, deputy director of the community police department.

“They also harm the good image of our city,”

He said owners will first receive a warning to recover their neglected cars.

If they do not respond within 48 hours, their vehicles will be seized.