Four die and 11 injured in bus crash in Dubai

A bus carrying workers slammed into the back of a lorry that was parked on the hard shoulder of Emirates Road

Four people died and 11 others were injured in a road crash involving a lorry and a large bus carrying workers in Dubai.

Police said the bus crashed into a lorry that was parked on the hard shoulder of Emirates Road. The incident took place at 7.10pm on Saturday.

The driver of the lorry pulled over because he was having issues with his vehicle. Police said he failed to turn on the lorry's hazard lights and, as a result, the bus driver could not see the vehicle and crashed into it.

Three people died at the scene; a fourth died in hospital.

Brig Saif Al Mazrouei, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said almost a dozen people were hurt. Their injuries ranged from minor to severe.

“Once a report was received, officers rushed to the site to organise traffic flow, secure the crash site and help make way for ambulances and paramedics," he said.

The injured were taken to Rashid Hospital.

“The lorry broke down on the third lane from right on Emirates Road," Brig Al Mazrouei said.

"Its driver tried to move it to the side of the road and it was then when the bus was passing and collided with it from the side,” he said.