Emirati drag racers jailed for killing motorist

Two teenage street racers killed a motorist in Dubai after crashing into him during a drag race, and are jailed for three months.

DUBAI // Two teenage street racers killed a motorist after crashing into him during a drag race, the Dubai Traffic Court found today, sentencing them to three months in jail. Emirati students R M, 19, and S A, 18, were arrested and detained on February 22 after they crashed into 33-year-old Emirati M S's car in the al Khawaneej area while driving at more than twice the legal speed limit. Traffic prosecutors' investigations revealed the teenagers were drag racing across a residential area that had a 60 kph speed limit. The impact happened at 130 kph, killing instantly the motorist and causing considerable damage to the cars. The defendants' cars, according to Salah Bu Faroosha, chief of Dubai traffic prosecution, were highly modified with illegal parts that increase engine performance and speed. R M and S A were charged with causing an accidental death, damaging public property, illegal modification of vehicles and illegally racing without permission while S A was further charged with driving without wearing glasses. Dubai Traffic Court judge Ahmed al Mutawa'a sentenced the teenagers to three months in jail as well as the payment of Dh200,000 blood money to M S's family further to suspending their driving licenses for one year and banning them from renewing their licenses for one year. "The judgement was issued due to the age of the drivers and the fact that they are students." said chief prosecutor Bu Faroosha. amustafa@thenational.ae