Dubai Police plan 'Day Without Accidents' as pupils return to school

Officers say there were only four accidents last year and are aiming for zero on September 2

The aftermath of an traffic accident involving a school bus in Abu Dhabi in June 2018. Police across the country are urging people to take extra care when pupils return to school on September 2
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Dubai Police is urging drivers to help them record zero accidents on the day pupils return to school.

From September 2 to coincide with the start of the new term, motorists who sign an online pledge to take better care on the roads could also enjoy a 50 per cent discount on vehicle confiscation fees if they keep their promise.

The rewards campaign, which was launched in 2018, aims to make the emirate’s roads safer by reducing accident rates across the city.

“We are close to the start of the new school year and we are looking to have zero accidents, especially in the first week of school,” said Col Jumaa Suwaidan, head of Dubai Traffic Police.

“The number of traffic accidents on the first school day in 2018 was only four minor [accidents] without injuries, compared to eight accidents the year before.”

Col Suwaidan invited motorists to log on to the Dubai Police official website to sign the campaign letter.

As part of the pledge, motorists have been urged to abide by six basic traffic rules including fastening their seat belts while in moving vehicles, staying within the speed limit and leaving a safe distance between their cars and other vehicles.

With the first week of the school year, usually noted as one of the busiest days on the city’s roads during peak hours, Col Suwaidan urged drivers to pay attention to the stop signs on school buses.

Those who do not stop when the bus sign is displayed could incur a Dh1,000 fine and 10 black points.

“We want to have the first day of the school year free of accidents and deaths,” Col Suwaidan said.

During its launch in 2018, the campaign achieved its main target of zero major accidents and fatalities. It also succeeded in reducing the percentage of minor accidents during the first day of the school year.

Motorists taking part in the campaign who keep their promise to drive safely will be awarded gifts, including an appreciation certificate from Dubai Police, as well as the possibility of a discount on fines and the cancellation of  licence black points.