Dubai Police issue safety warning after 15 injured in road accident

Crash caused by a vehicle trying to overtake in a dangerous manner, police say

Fifteen people were injured in a road accident in Dubai on Thursday. Courtesy: Dubai Police
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Fifteen people were injured in a road accident in Dubai on Thursday morning, prompting a safety warning from police.

Officials said a mini van and a car were involved in the crash in Saih Shuaib 4,  close to the Abu Dhabi border.

A senior officer said the crash occurred when one of the vehicles attempted a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre.

"After a preliminary inspection, it was found that the cause of the accident was due to wrong overtaking that resulted in a direct collision between the two vehicles and resulted in this number of injuries," said Brig Gen Saif Al Mazrouei.

Two Pakistani victims of the early morning collision were in intensive care after emergency surgery at NMC Royal Hospital in Dubai.

The men were among 15 taken to hospital by Dubai Ambulance Service.

All were from Pakistan, apart from two Bangladeshis.

Labourers caught up in the crash were working for a scrap metal merchant and an electrical panel producer.

Doctors told The National six other passengers required surgery for their injuries.

“Due to the impact and the metal sheets and rods being carried in the vehicle at the time, about six of them required suturing because of deep cuts”, said Dr Mahesh Krishna Ram, a specialist in general surgery at NMC Royal Hospital, Dubai Investments Park.

The casualties were transferred from the crash site by ambulance. NMC Royal is the only hospital in south Dubai equipped with approved ICU and trauma services.

First aid and medical treatment were provided at the scene,  while those seriously injured were transferred immediately to hospital.

The force of the crash caused significant damage to both vehicles, with debris strewn across the motorway.

Brig Gen Al Mazrouei said four people were severely hurt, with the remaining 11 suffering moderate to minor injuries.

He urged drivers to abide by traffic rules at all times and to overtake other vehicles only when it is safe to do so.