Car crash rubberneckers could be jailed, traffic prosecutor says

A system is in place for motorists to report those who stop or slow down their cars in order to get a closer view of traffic accidents, if their actions endanger other road users.

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DUBAI // Most drivers know that rubbernecking at a car crash can be a cause of accidents in itself but, until recently, there was nothing other motorists could do about it.

However, the head of Dubai Traffic prosecution, Salah Bu Farousha Al Falasi, has said that there is now a system in place where motorists can file a report against other road users whose desire to gawk at crash scenes can cause further incidents on the road.

He said that, from last year, road users have been able to file to police reports of rubbernecking if the driver’s actions have posed a danger to road safety after an agreement was reached between traffic prosecutors and police.

“If the act of stopping suddenly posed danger to the lives of other road users, the one subjected to this near danger can actually write down the plate number of the car that stopped and report him to police,” said Mr Al Falasi.

He added that an investigation will be launched and both parties will be called for questioning. If it is found that the driver had endangered lives, he or she will face a charge of posing danger to the lives of others, which is punishable by either jail or a fine or both.