Abu Dhabi Police send out warning to reckless drivers failing to stop at crossings

The force released footage of a motorist narrowly avoiding a pedestrian to drive home a vital safety message

Abu Dhabi Police are cracking down on motorists flouting traffic regulations. Abu Dhabi Police
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Police in Abu Dhabi have issued a warning to reckless drivers putting lives at risk by failing to give way to pedestrians on road crossings.

The force released shocking, real-life footage of a close escape involving a thoughtless motorist failing to ease off the accelerator when approaching a pedestrian crossing to highlight the dangers of flouting traffic regulations.

Another member of the public is set back on her heels when a vehicle drives past without stopping.

The eye-opening video shows one car barrelling past a designated walkway, giving little care for the safety of those strolling by.

Abu Dhabi Police said drivers who do not give priority to pedestrians in such instances face being hit with a Dh500 fine and six traffic points.