82 vehicles seized in Dubai for reckless driving and racing

Police chief says 82 vehicles have been taken off the roads recently after drivers were spotted racing, performing stunts and driving at excessive speeds.

Dubai Police impounded 82 vehicles that had been used in displays of reckless driving and racing on public roads. Courtesy Dubai Police
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DUBAI // The emirate’s police chief has revealed that 82 vehicles had been seized after their drivers had been seen driving recklessly and racing.

Maj Gen Khamis Al Muzeina, chief of Dubai Police, said respecting traffic laws came next to self-respect and respect for all road users and officers had been following, watching and gathering information about the reckless drivers before each of the vehicles were confiscated.

The vehicles were seized in Al Habhab, Al Awir, Al Qudra, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road and Al Barsha.

The chief said that on Thursday night six vehicles without plate numbers had tried to smash into traffic patrol cars from Al Habhab and Al Feqaa stations. They were also driving at reckless speeds in excess of 200kph, infringing traffic laws, rules and regulations, he said.

Dubai Police is coordinating with the Roads and Transport Authority to evaluate the damages to the road so a claim can be processed through the courts.

Maj Gen Al Muzeina also cautioned against drivers performing stunts and posting videos on social-media networks, saying those who did so would be punished.

Col Saif Al Mazrouei, head of the General Traffic Administration, said officers had tracked one group of men who held drag races on public streets and it turned out that the owners of a mechanical workshop were responsible for organising the events.

He urged the public to report any such practice on the non-emergency number 901 and on toll-free numbers 800 4353 and 800 7777.