Abu Dhabi Police set out new rules to improve delivery drivers' safety

Writing on boxes must be clearly visible from at least 20 metres away

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Abu Dhabi Police have rolled out new rules for delivery riders in the emirate.

Under the new regulations, the box the riders are carrying must be 50 centimetres in width, length and height.

The box must also be covered with reflective edging with no sharp angles allowed.

Writing on the box must also be clearly visible from at least 20 metres away.

The box has to be made of fibreglass and there must be an opening at the front for easy access.

“These conditions come in addition to efforts to educate riders with traffic safety rules and how to avoid accidents and enhance the safety of road users,” read a statement on the Abu Dhabi Police’s social media page.

Abu Dhabi registered a 20 per cent increase in accidents resulting in the death or injury of motorcyclists in 2021.

Authorities in December held an awareness session for bikers and delivery drivers in the capital. They said the top causes of accidents were “non-compliance” with traffic rules, followed by failing to leave a safe distance and sudden lane changes.

Fatigue due to long working hours was also a factor, said the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), which held the event.

Dubai Police held a safety campaign last month to help to reduce accidents involving delivery riders.

Updated: May 12, 2022, 11:39 AM