Dubai Marina metro station renamed Sobha Realty in latest deal

Major metro station is the latest to be sponsored by a local company

Dubai Marina's metro station will be renamed Sobha Realty in a deal between transport authorities and the housing developer.

The marina station, one of the busiest in New Dubai, was unveiled to the public on Monday.

It follows the decision last week to rename Al Jafiliya station Max Fashion and Al Rashidiya became Centrepoint after the department store.

All three stations are on the Red Line.

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority allowed companies to bid to name stations in 2009 and a variety of household names have since sponsored stations across the city.

Many of the previous naming deals came to an end shortly before the pandemic and reverted to their original names, including Dubai Marina.

PNC Menon, chairman of Sobha Realty, said his company was proud to sponsor "a bustling hub on the remarkably seamless multi-rail transit network that has for over a decade served countless commuters, offering them immense value and connectivity".

Updated: August 9th 2021, 12:13 PM