Abu Dhabi Police issue 27,000 fines for 'distracted driving'

Motorists were handed Dh800 penalties for failing to pay attention to the road

Distracted driving can lead to fatal accidents, Abu Dhabi Police say. Reuters
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More than 27,000 fines were given to drivers in Abu Dhabi in the first six months of the year for "distracted driving".

Taking calls and checking messages, along with looking around to talk to passengers, were among the offences that led to Dh800 ($218) fines being issued.

"According to statistics and analytical studies, distracted driving is among the most dangerous offences, as it may lead to serious injuries and even cost lives," Abu Dhabi Police's traffic directorate said.

The department emphasised the importance of "maintaining focus while driving, and watching the road to avoid losing control of the vehicle".

Distractions such as using smartphones, making phone calls and talking to passengers can cause traffic accidents that sometimes have "dire consequences", it said.

It also said using the phone or anything else that caused a distraction while driving would result in a Dh800 fine and four black points.

Last week, the force said it fined 770 drivers for running noisy vehicles in 2021, including many owners who deliberately adjusted their vehicles to be as loud as possible.

Abu Dhabi police are on the look out for noisy drivers

Abu Dhabi police are on the look out for noisy drivers

Updated: August 08, 2021, 6:30 AM