Tour guide 'attacks woman with a knife and steals her bag'

The Moroccan man said the woman filed a 'malicious report' against him

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A tour guide accused of attacking a woman in a Dubai street with a knife and stealing her bag told the court the woman filed a "malicious report" against him.
"The bag that I have belongs to a different woman who owes me money but won't return it. I don't even know this woman who filed the report against me, it's a malicious report. I have never seen her before in my life," the 29-year-old Moroccan said in court.
Prosecutors said that on May 13 this year in Al Nahda 2 area in Dubai, the alleged victim, whose nationality and age are not in records, reported the man to police for attacking her and stealing her bag.
"We received a report in which the woman said that she was walking on foot back to her residence when the man attacked her with a knife, he assaulted her then threatened her with the knife before getting away with her bag containing her two smart phones and Dh3,000 in cash as well as her official documents," said an Emirati police officer.
Prosecutors said the bag found in the accused's possession upon his arrest on May 23 the same year, contained only one smart phone, a passport and ID carrying a different name to that of the woman who filled the report.
"I am a married man with children and I would not do such a thing," he said after denying a charge of forceful theft in court.
The next hearing will be held on September 6.