Time to tackle bad drivers

A reader says the authorities must do something immediately to keep reckless drivers off the road. Other letter topics include: nurseries, Syria, Naxalites, driving, multitasking.

A reader says traffic authorities must tame reckless drivers, especially in bad weather. Pawan Singh / The National
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Nurseries in the UAE must abide by safety rules

Thank you for bringing attention to the issue of child safety (Doha tragedy is a reminder to plan for the worst, May 30). Unfortunately, we have some way to go in the UAE to ensure all our children are safe.

I am trained in safety auditing, and work in a company where safety is the number-one priority.

Before selecting a nursery for our children, my wife and I visited many nurseries in Dubai.

While we focused on education standards and facilities, I also carefully reviewed the safety aspects.

I've seen nurseries with locked fire exits (and staff would not even be able to find the key) and electricity outlets opened and uncovered for children to touch.

I have also seen those that use beautiful fabric decorations on ceilings, which can pose fire hazard; and those without fully working fire alarms or fire escapes.

Our children are now at a nursery that meets most of our concerns - except for a fire escape.

I had raised this issue last year. Despite several follow-ups, there is still no fire exit.

The nursery keeps referring to the proposal being with the civil defence or the ministry concerned. I offered to personally take the initiative or even visit the ministry to discuss this matter, but without any result, so far.

Martin, Dubai

West should keep its hands off Syria

The civil conflict in Syria is a worrying trend in inter-Arab relations that threatens to involve the West in more than just political support (Nasrallah lays bare the naked sectarianism of Hizbollah, May 28).

William Hague, the foreign secretary of the UK, seems to be keen on more than just rhetoric and some arms supplies, but the majority of the British people do not want to see their soldiers and airmen getting involved in an inter-Arab conflict and coming home in body bags.

This is a conflict the Middle East must resolve without western meddling.

The days of the Crusades are many centuries behind us and should stay that way.

Peter Nixon, Abu Dhabi

Naxalites do not deserve leniency

I am commenting on the news article Cash offered to families of ambush victims (May 27).

The attack by Naxalites on politicians in Chhattisgarh is disgusting. Although this time they targeted politicians from the Congress party, they have killed scores of innocent people earlier.

Despite past incidents, the government did not provide enough security to those politicians. Now the government must be proactive and eradicate this menace called Naxalism.

Financial compensation will not alleviate the anguish of the victims' relatives.

K Ragavan, India

Deal harshly with reckless drivers

Motorists are warned about weather conditions from time to time (Beware of reduced visibility, UAE motorists warned, May 25), but do such warnings really help to avert accidents?

Many drivers do not reduce speed even in inclement weather. They do the same things they are used to doing in normal weather, such as changing lanes without indicators and playing pranks with fellow motorists.

On such occasions, I feel that even the strongest of campaigns will not bear fruit unless strict measures are taken against errant motorists. Those measures can include cancellation of licenses, heavy fines and confiscation of vehicles.

Due to the dangerous habits of only a handful of individuals so many innocent people lose their lives every year. These drivers also put the lives of pedestrians at risk.

The authorities must do something immediately to keep reckless drivers off the road.

That is all the more necessary as traffic is swelling in this country each day.

Rob R, Abu Dhabi

Multitasking may not be good idea

I refer to the opinion article One thing at a time (May 21).

Today, many of our traditional beliefs and perceptions are changing. Although multitasking has become common, performing several tasks at the same time may affect the desired results.

However, multitasking can prove to be an advantage if done efficiently. It can prove to be beneficial particularly for potential job-seekers.

According to a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, women are better at handling multiple tasks at the same time than men.

I think multitasking can have a negative psychological effect on both men and women in the long term.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman