Three women and a man deny human trafficking

A woman told a court she was lured to Dubai with the promise of working at a beauty salon, but was beaten, raped, and forced into prostitution after she arrived.

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DUBAI // Three women and a man are accused of luring a female visitor to the emirate, locking her up, and forcing her into the sex industry.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance was told ZM, 44, a visitor, ST, a 30-year-old nanny, and the male defendant, MF, 28, all Pakistanis, enticed the victim with promises of a decent job at a beauty salon.

However, when she arrived, they beat her, locked her up, and forced her into prostitution, the court heard yesterday.

According to records, the victim, SB, 31, was approached in Pakistan by a woman who knew the defendant, ST, and was told that ST would be able to find her a good job in Dubai.

When the victim, also Pakistani, arrived in Dubai on December 31 last year, she was taken from the Dubai International Airport to a flat near Marco Polo Hotel in Deira, her testimony in court records shows.

She said that in the flat, she saw two Pakistani women and a Russian woman who worked as prostitutes, and heard the fourth defendant, SP, 26, from India, telling a man on the phone that she had a new girl for only Dh100, according to records.

SP is also accused of working as a prostitute.

On January 7 this year, the victim was taken to a villa to offer sexual favours to men, according to records. She said she started writing "help me" notes and throwing them out the window for days before police raided the villa and made the arrests, records show.

The defendants denied the charges. The next hearing was scheduled for April 27.