Three acquitted of stealing cables worth almost Dh5,000 in Dubai

Pakistani trio, one of whom is a telecommunications operator, were accused of stealing the cables and then selling them to a shop in Sharjah.

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DUBAI // Three men accused of stealing cables worth almost Dh5,000 from a communications tower have been found not guilty by Dubai Criminal Court.

Prosecutors said that Pakistani telecommunications operator M A, 30, unearthed the cables with the help of his countrymen M K, 40, and M N, 20, then sold them to a shop in Sharjah in June last year.

Police officer A G, 33, told prosecutors that the defendants were apprehended for their involvement in a similar theft.

“While they were in custody, M K confessed that M A was the mastermind behind the thefts,” testified the officer.

Records stated that M A used to phone the other two men and show them locations of cables and they would cut the copper cables and take them in a vehicle to Sharjah to be sold.

“During the theft, M A would remain dressed in his work uniform to keep us at ease and not worried about police apprehending us,” MK told police.

The defendants allegedly told police that they carried out eight similar robberies, and M N said he received Dh250 for his part in the theft.

However, the three men denied the charges in court and they were found not guilty. The reason for the verdict was not given.