Student accused of smuggling more than 5kg of marijuana into Dubai cries in court

Defendant says he was unaware he was carrying the drug when stopped at Dubai International Airport

A student wept in court as he faced a charge of smuggling more than five kilograms of marijuana into Dubai.

The defendant, 21, said he was unaware that he was in possession of the drug as he arrived at Dubai International Airport, after being asked to carry a small bag for a friend living in the city.

Denying the drug smuggling charge, the Indian man said he had been asked by an acquaintance in his homeland to bring the bag to the friend but had no idea what was inside.

"I am not guilty because I had no idea I was carrying something banned, I didn't even know or see what I was carrying," the accused told Dubai Criminal Court.

"He told me that his friend was expecting the bag and that as a thank you for carrying it, his friend will pick me up from the airport."

Records show that on March 5, the accused arrived to Dubai International Airport. When his luggage was being scanned, custom inspectors decided on a hand search after the scan showed three cylinder-shaped objects.

When his suitcase was opened, inspectors found the three objects inside a plastic bag contained 5,452 Kg of marijuana wrapped tightly. The student was referred to the anti-narcotics department and then to the criminal lab where a test showed that he was not under the influence of drugs.

He was charged with smuggling marijuana to sell, which he denied.

The next hearing will be on July 16 to appoint a lawyer for the defendant.