Shop owners fined for selling spoilt fish in Fujairah market

Inspectors at Fujairah Municipality found that many stalls were not correctly storing their wares

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Thirty-six fish mongers have been fined for flouting food safety rules at Fujairah fish market.

Inspectors from the Consumer Protection Department at Fujairah Municipality assessed cleanliness, quality and the conditions in which the fish are stored and found that many stalls did not properly ice their products as required.

“The inspection found a number of spoilt fish at the market that were unfit for human consumption,” a spokesperson at the department said.

“Fresh fish spoil easily and need to be properly preserved. The fish smelled bad because they were not correctly stored."

The fine amount has yet to be determined and it will range between Dh2,000 to Dh10,000.

Repeat offenders risk having their stalls permanently closed.

The municipality organises continuous food safety check-ups and awareness campaigns throughout the year.

In 2016, about 345 kilograms of food was confiscated from shops in Dibba Al Fujairah and destroyed after being deemed unfit for human consumption.